How to Operate Your Garage Door From Anywhere: Smart Home and Smartphone Garage Remotes

Posted on November 11, 2016 by

Have you heard that there is a new way to operate your garage door from anywhere, but you are not sure how this actually happens?  If you are unfamiliar with the “smart home” concept, the good news is that it makes your anxiety about whether or not you accidentally left the garage door open a fading memory.  To get a better understanding of how this style of garage door opener works and how you can get one, keep reading.


How is it possible to operate your garage door from anywhere?


In the recent past, the main way to open and close the garage door was with a remote.  Of course, the main disadvantage of this type of device is that it could be forgotten, misplaced, or compromised by a burglar. One other big concern is that once you drive away, you forget whether or not you have opened or closed the garage door with the remote. Solving all of these problems, one of the most interesting inventions over the past 10 years is a garage door opener that can be controlled with an app on a smartphone. Naturally, in order to get these advantages, a device must be installed by a professional garage door specialist.


What are the advantages of opening a garage door remotely?


In addition to the ability to never forget the garage door opener remote or have it run out of batteries when you need it the most, having the advantage to open the door to your garage when you are not around is priceless.  Along these lines, if you are running a business or have a lot of packages delivered, being able to remotely open and close the garage door for visitors can save you a considerable amount of time or money. Finally, when there is an emergency in your home, being able to open the garage door for service contractors remotely is the most ideal security option.  Being able to remotely allow service workers to gain access to your home also means you are not waiting around and missing work so your plumbing can get inspected.


Do businesses also get remote garage door opener upgrades?


There are many obvious advantages for businesses to use remote garage door opener upgrades on their property, but if you are worried about security, put those fears aside. These smart home devices are also great for business uses, and they can integrate into your current security schemes.  In some cases, the security company will need to be contacted by the garage door opener installation specialist to inform them that an upgrade has been made.


How do garage door openers work in businesses?


Businesses are often involved with using garage doors in ways homeowners do not.  For example, there are several types of security features that involve deploying a roll-down steel door that functions with the same machinery as a garage door for a home.  In these cases, having remote garage door openers installed in a business means multiple ones are used on the app.  This is ideal for shop owners that might decide to close up the business early from home because an employee had an emergency.  These smartphone garage door openers are also great for remotely opening the business to allow for early morning deliveries.


What is involved with the installation of remote garage door openers?


Within your current garage door opening mechanism is a remote sensor that works with your garage door remote. Simply put, a WiFi device is installed that will redirect this signal that is normally sent to the garage door remote to a device that will send the information to and from your smartphone through an app. Although it is fairly simple to install and does not require you to get a new garage door or motor, a professional will need to be available to calibrate the inexpensive WiFi device properly. They will also be able to help you understand how to use the new device on your smartphone through an app as a remote garage door opener.


Where can I get one of the garage door opener apps and devices?


Anyone can order one of the WiFi garage door opener devices online, but it does not mean that installing it and starting to use it will be easy for everyone. In many cases, it is not recommended for homeowners to upgrade or repair a garage door due to the fatalities and injuries that can occur if the weight of the door suddenly shifts. Alternatively, a new device can be purchased based on your current garage door machinery and installed quickly by a pro.  Along with taking out the guesswork about which device to choose, professional garage door repair and installation specialists can help make sure everything works effectively.


Are there any security concerns about garage door openers?


Although there may be a temptation to do DIY repairs to your garage door, there are many warnings on the side of the device that will tell you to reconsider this idea. Unfortunately, even minor repairs can put you in harm’s way if you are not a trained professional. For this reason, give a garage door contractor a call and ask for their inspection services. If you can in fact do the repair yourself, they will show you the proper techniques. Otherwise, be aware that garage door fatalities can happen due to inexperienced tinkerers.


Let us help you install your smart home garage door opener


Now that you have a better understanding of the next wave of affordable, high-tech home upgrades that can help put your mind at ease, your next step is to give us a call at NTX Garage Door Repair of Allen, TX.   Whether you are concerned about integrating security features or simply do not understand which device to choose, we are happy to help.  To get started, give us a call and tell us you are ready to install a device that will let you close or open your garage door from anywhere by using your phone.  Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing more from you.