Turn Your Garage into a Man Cave

Posted on March 3, 2017 by

If it ever feels like your house is too small or there’s simply not enough space in it to call your own, the solution to your problems could be closer than you think: your garage. Converting your garage into a man cave is a great way to make use of a space that is usually reserved for your cars. After all, your car can hang out outside. You, however, need to carve out some space to call your own–and the garage is the perfect place to do it.

Fully Convert Or Keep the Garage?

When you’re ready to convert your garage into a man cave, there’s one key decision you need to make before you get started: do you want to keep the garage, or do you want to convert the space completely? If you’re planning to sell the house down the road, giving up the garage may cause your home to lose value. On the other hand, if you know that you’re going to live in this home for several more decades, it’s up to you how you want to use the space. You can easily turn the garage into a man cave without removing the possibility that the space can later be used as a garage or convert it into usable space that’s no different from the rest of your house. It’s up to you!

Clean It Out

Let’s face it: right now, your garage is probably packed full of all sorts of things that your family chooses to store there instead of in the house. From bicycles and yard equipment–which might need a shed for storage–to boxes full of random items that just don’t seem to go anywhere else, you’re going to have to clear out the space before you can use it as your own. Take these steps:

  • Get rid of anything that no one in your family really needs or wants. Give yourself permission to give up on your pack rat tendencies.
  • Purchase a shed or other exterior storage area for big items that will be hard to store inside the house.
  • Move items that are still needed and can be placed inside the house to new homes. Utilize every inch of available storage space: under the sink, in the attic, in the laundry room, and anywhere else you can find it. Make sure items you use on a regular basis stay where you can find them easily.

Once you have a clean slate to start with, you’ll be ready to dive in and make the most of your man cave.

Take Care of Climate Control

If you’re going to use your garage as a man cave, you want to make sure that it’s a comfortable place for you and your buddies to hang out. There are several ways you can accomplish this.

  • Make sure the garage is insulated. If you plan to keep the garage door, an insulated door will help keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter without sacrificing the functionality of the room if you ever want to convert it back.
  • Install a heating or cooling unit that will keep your new man cave comfortable. If you have a window, a window unit may be your best option. No window? There are a variety of products on the market, from fans to heaters, that will keep your garage climate controlled no matter the season.
  • Choose insulated flooring or flooring that won’t immediately leech all the heat from the room in the winter. A thick rug in the middle of the floor can go a long way toward offsetting the cold!

Set Up the Lights

Chances are, your garage doesn’t incorporate a great deal of lighting. If you’re going to turn it into a man cave, you need to be able to see! Make sure you think through where you’re going to need lighting most. If you’re installing a bar, do you want lighting over it so that people can see what they’re eating or drinking? When you put in a pool table or poker table, you want to illuminate the game. Think through your lighting needs and how you’re going to install them. Do you have the outlets you need to plug in lights? Design the lighting you want for your man cave as you design the rest of the room so that it will be a cozy space you can enjoy for years to come.

Keep Your Storage

By keeping shelves along the walls or using the ceiling for storage, you can have the man cave of your dreams without sacrificing all the storage space you’ve always appreciated in the garage. Cabinets with doors that can be closed, open shelves, and ceiling racks are all options for making the most of your space while still allowing you the freedom to store items that simply don’t fit inside your home. Organizing these items–and keeping them that way–allows you to enjoy your man cave without it becoming cluttered.

Think About What You Really Want

Your garage starts off as a blank canvas. When you imagine turning it into a man cave, you have plenty of possibilities in mind! As you start to add items, however, that space may fill up faster than you thought. Do you really want a pool table and poker table, or do you want comfortable seating around a television where you can kick back with your friends and watch the big game? Chances are, having a fridge–even if it’s just a mini-fridge for drinks–in your space will be a huge convenience. Plan out your design for the room before you get started, then make it reality! You’ll fall in love with the freedom your new man cave offers–not to mention the fact that it will make your house the most popular on the block.

Converting your garage into a man cave is a great way to get more usable space out of your home. You’ll quickly discover that this space is one of your favorites in the house. All it takes is a willingness to park your car outside.